Studying Wordsworth’s Poetry for Spring

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 25 March 2020 >

One of the  most famous British poets is celebrating his 250th birthday in April! Why not introduce students to Wordsworth by studying one of his  iconic poems, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (also known as "Daffodils"), a perfect start to spring!

The following activities will help your students discover Wordsworth himself, through a Biobox animation, and one of the landmark poems in Romantic poetry written by Wordsworth in 1805. This poem will help them discover not only the author but also British Romantic period’s main characteristics.

We recommend using this resource with  LLCER  students, but, as the form is quite simple and the activities accessible, it could also be studied with cycle terminal students (leaving out question 3 on verse scanning) so they could discover British Romantic poetry and its main features.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Nature: fauna and flora (daffodils, clouds, bay, waves…)
  • Activities: wander, flutter dance, glance…
  • Feelings: solitude, glee, bliss, jocund…
  • Literary vocabulary: figures of speech, stylistic devices, metaphor, simile, , personification, alliteration, convey, to scan , verses, stanzas, iamb, tetrameter…
  • Linkwords: developing ideas: thus, ie, … Contrasting / opposition: while, whereas, though…


  • scanning verses
  • rhymes in a poem

You can see the Biobox quiz below, or download it in the zip file. Or, if you want to send your pupils to view it on a "neutral" page, you can send them to this page.