Banksy in Venice

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This short video by Banksy is a great addition to Shine Bright 2de SnapFile 8 Will you get Banksy-ed?. Like the prank studied in the file, when a Banksy work that had just been sold at auction disappeared into a shredder at the bottom of the frame, it questions the art market and what is considered "art". It was the street-artist's reaction to not being invited to the Venice Biennale, but also a comment on the large cruise ships that dominate the picturesque city and pollute its lagoon in the name of "cultural" tourism.

We've designed this resource to be "distance-learning friendly". The worksheet on analysing the video and expressing opinions can be done by pupils at home. You may need to keep the oral interaction and film-shot analysis suggestions for when schools open again.

Vocabulary and structures :

Grammar : the two presents, modal auxiliaries (expressing probability), expressing goals

Vocabulary: arts, tourism, city life, pollution

Pragmatic objectives : written expression, interaction

Culture : discovering Banksy's work, thinking about the power of art

Method : describing an image, commenting on a video, discussing camera angles, identifying a point of view

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