Passengers waving from the Windrush as it docked in England, with the Windrush 75 logo.

Windrush Day

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Windrush Day is coming! But what is it exactly? It has been celebrated annually in the UK since 2018. It takes place on 22 June, the date in 1948 when the arrival of a ship called the HMT Windrush heralded the beginning of a wave of immigration from British colonies,. This 75th anniversary year will be an opportunity to celebrate the thousands of Caribbean people who emigrated to the U.K. in order to help rebuild the country in the aftermath of World War Two. On arrival, not only were they shocked at the unfriendly weather but they also felt rejected by the unfriendly British people.

These articles, video and set of activities will help the students discover this crucial moment in British history, which is not well known in France. In addition, they’ll get to work on the vocabulary of discrimination and racism alongside with the expression of cause and aim while comparing and contrasting experiences.

Depending on the choice of article (see below), these activities can be used at A2 or B1 level.

You'll find more about Windrush in
Shine Bright LLCER File 8 From Isle to Isle.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Explaining past events: past simple and past continuous
  • Chronology of events: first, then, finally…
  • Violence / discrimination: racism, discrimination, ostracism, bullying…
  • Comparing: : contrary to, on the contrary, likewise, unlike…
  • Cause vs aim: why ? because/ what for ? TO + BV


  • British accent
  • Pronunciation of “Caribbean” in British English: /kærɪˈbiːən/

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