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If you know a great science communicator – maybe a teacher doing DNL lessons for classes européennes – let them know about the British Council FameLab competition. Participants need to explain a scientific concept for non-experts in just three minutes! And why not have your pupils do something similar?

FameLab is an international competition with regional and national heats before the Grand Final in Britain in June, at the Cheltenham Science Festival in England, where participants from around the world compete to be the best communicator.

At the national level, the presentations can be in French or English. In the final, it’s all English.

The first step is to make a 3-minute video about a scientific project. No Powerpoint slides or fancy animation. Just you talking and possibly some props, but only ones you can carry onto the stage in the final. Send in your video and your application before 15 April 2018.

Ten candidates will be selected for the final on 24 May in Lyon. And they will be able to participate in a special Masterclass on science communication on 28-29 April.

FameLab in Class
Watching these inspiring talks made us think that this could also be a great class activity. It’s a great basis for a Prise de parole en continu activity. The subject can be up to you – science or something else your pupils are interested in. It could be a sport, a TV progamme, a game… anything that motivates them to talk.

Have a look at this example talk by Dr Alice Roberts a clinical anatomist and Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham.


Meet the finalists from the 2016 competition:

This presentation is by Francois-Xavier Joly, who won the French heat in 2015, and took second place and the Public Prize in the international competition.

And if you are a DNL teacher or know one, check out these tips for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) from the British Council.