The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

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The eighth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held in France from 7 June to 7 July.  Women's football is becoming higher and higher profile, and with the tournament taking place in France, it's a great opportunity to work on women's sport with your pupils. The worksheet provides activities based on A1+ to A2 levels, depending on the level of speaking you want pupils to produce.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • football related vocabulary (kit, win, tournament, penalty, kick, goal, score…)
  • country names
  • years
  • expressing frequency (how often, once, twice, three times, the...ever).
  • past simple, present perfect (won, has won)
  • the passive (to be recognised, not necessarily used)


  • country names.
  • woman/women.
  • /ʃ/ vs /tʃ/ (international / champion)
  • stress and intonation

This video is used just as a talking point and for pupils to catch the country names.

There is an A2-level video with interactive comprehension activities about a girl's football team at a British school in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4.


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