Champion breakdancer Logistx of the USA competes in Gdansk, Poland.

Sports Stories Winners Lycée B1

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We received thousands and thousands of fabulous entries to our sport-themed creative-writing contest. Here are our favourite lycée texts entered as B1. They are incredibly varied, which is an accurate reflection of all the stories we received. They cover sports from Formula One racing to baseball, as well as football, figure skating and wheelchair racing as well as social issues such as body image and “gendered” sports. Dancing features with breaking and ballet plus a dog racing and humans leapfrogging!

And the winners are, in no particular order:

  • Thane from Miss Miri’s class, Ensemble scolaire Chabrillan Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montélimar.
  • Elsa from Mme Maudet’s class, Lycée Pierre Mendes France, la Roche sur Yon.
  • Simon from Mme Petteni’s class, Lycée Nelson Mandela, Pibrac.
  • Amanda and Ema from Mr Touboul’s class, Lycée Albert 1er, Monaco.
  • Tina, Héloïse and Louise from Mme Mourtérot’s class, Lycée St Thomas d’Aquin, Oullins.
  • Inès from Mme Hochart’s class, Lycée Pierre de Coubertin, Calais.
  • Hélina, from Mrs Boumaïza’s class, Lycée Notre-Dame de Sion, Evry Courcouronnes.
  • Abigaël from Mme Dénécé’s class, Lycée Marcellin Berthelot, Questembert.
  • Lauriane and Lorenzo from Mme Boussaguet’s class, Lycée Dhuoda, Nîmes.
  • Hajar, Youssef, Sarah, Dayl, Arno, Max, Myloslav from Mme Depierre’s class, CSI Europole, Grenoble.
  • Hugo, Ambroise and Aloïs from Mrs Taylor’s class, Lycée La Perverie, Nantes

Scroll down to discover their incredible texts!

Thane from Miss Miri’s class, Ensemble scolaire Chabrillan Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montélimar.

Guardian Angel: a daughter and her passion

Life is hard. That's what Ella says to herself every day. But for her, it's even harder. For this young teenage girl aged 17, life is hell.

From getting bullied in middle school due to her physical appearance, to losing her father in a tragic accident, life did not spare her.

With a mother who fell into alcohol after her father passed away, Ella has no bearings. The only thing that keeps her going is sport. And more specifically break dancing.

For Ella, dancing is a way of expressing with gestures everything she can't allow herself to say with words.

And today is one of the most significant days of her life. On this sunny day, Ella is in the city of love, Paris. She's here to represent her country for the Olympic Games, in breakdance, for the very first time in the history of the Games.

One year ago, Ella would never have thought that she would have the honour of participating in the Olympic Games. And it's even more special since today Ella is going to dance in memory of the person she loves the most in her life, the one who has always been there for her, her father.

Now it's her turn, time for her to make her father proud from where he is. She enters the stage, anxious and with clammy hands. Then the music starts and everything disappears around Ella. She closes her eyes and imagines that her father is there, in the middle of the audience with loving eyes. She dances, feeling every joint, every movement. Her heartbeat is in harmony with the rhythm of the music. She dances so hard she could faint. Dancing makes her happier than anyone else in the world. When she dances, time stands still. It’s only her and her passion.

The music stops, and so does she. She is sweating and breathing hard, so hard that it seems like her lungs are going to leave her chest. However, Ella is happy. She smiles in the middle of the stage, to the applause of the audience and the judges.

She looks up. And even though she's not sure she's won, Ella says, with a tear of joy running down her right cheek, “I hope you're proud, Dad.”

Elsa from Mme Maudet’s class, Lycée Pierre Mendes France, la Roche sur Yon.

Hi I’m Marley, I’m a golden retriever. One thing in my life animates me to the point that I only think about that. I don't think about kibble and treats like other dogs…

I think about warrior dog race! My reason to live, my sport. It’s a race especially for dogs, there are many obstacles like swimming in rivers, jumping over the rods my favorite one is to crawling under muddy bridges, I LOVE MUD ! I always win at these races, yes I’m a champion. (Don’t worry, I’m humble…) I have been doing these races since I was little, I will always remember my first race, I was two months old, full of energy I discovered my passion each obstacle was a pure pleasure, I feel strong, wild and free, it was AMAZING. I will always thank my foster mom Nathalie, my favorite human being in the world! She always said to me that she was proud of me, I love her. When I swim into water with a lot of current, she is scared for me, when I need to pull a rope, dig in the sand, slalom between posts, she always encourages me!

The thing that I prefer in theses races is the end, when I cross the finish line, that is when adrenaline is at its peak, nathalie takes me in her arms and all the people congratulate me. Everything goes very quickly. I directly have my medal and a big treat! A beef bone.

Here is the story of my passion.


Simon from Mme Petteni’s class, Lycée Nelson Mandela, Pibrac.

The Power of Sport

Anorexia kills. Sam knew it better than anyone. At first it crawls into your mind, imprisons it, and then never lets it go. Yet he couldn't help but enjoy it, the feeling of emptiness was awfully addicting. And what had helped him the most through his "weight-loss journey"? Sports. At first, it was all about having fun, feeling free. He used to swim a lot and played basketball for a few years. He loved it, it would distract his mind from all of his painful thoughts. He was not a big fan of competition but the happiness he felt after winning a match with his amazing team members was... wonderful. Swimming was also one of his favorite hobbies. He liked to dive underwater, because everything was so calm, so silent, so peaceful there. Then he grew up and his body.... changed. And it all changed. Sport became an obligation he gave himself. It was now all about burning calories. He stopped swimming because he couldn't look at his body anymore. Bodybuilding proved itself useful. Every day, he spent hours working out until his whole body would painfully burn from over-exercising. But he wouldn't listen to it anymore, because he hated it. And the numbness he felt after was, oh, so worth it. He also ran a lot, cardio was necessary as well, of course. He would run with barely a yogurt in his stomach, sometimes nothing. At some point, his mother had to force him to stop exercising. And he started missing it all: healthy relationships with his body, food, sports... Some people say it takes years to make the decision to try, simply try, to heal. For him, it was so sudden. One night he thought it was too much and he chose to live again. Today, he's better. He's still struggling sometimes but he's able to fully eat, and he exercises only when he wants to, for himself. The feeling of genuine enjoyment, the happiness he craved, is back.

Amanda and Ema from Mr Touboul’s class, Lycée Albert 1er, Monaco.

A deafening sound

A deafening sound has just been heard, what’s going on?” Max Verstappen just behind Lewis Hamilton entering the tunnel one behind the other, with tension and suspense building within the spectators, everyone on the edge of their seats to know if Max Verstappen has what it takes to overtake the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. As pressure starts to build between the two competitors, Max coming in with a formidable speed, centimeters away from touching Lewis’s wheel, loses control and crashes into Lewis. As his car spun out of control and collides into the wall, Lewis in the slightest second was capable to escape but the intriguing question of that moment muttered by everyone in the audience is what happened to Max Verstappen?

Minutes later, the long-awaited Monaco Grand Prix was cancelled due to the startling accident of Max. As the tragic, shocking accident is being whispered among the crowd, the medical team rushes to take Max to the hospital. Lewis among the other F1 athletes are being interviewed to get an explanation on what happened. Lewis with a disheartened voice comment, “It was very unexpected for someone so strong-willed and attentive to have experienced what happened today. Unfortunately, we do not have any updates on Max’s wellbeing, but we intend to report any update as soon as possible.”

Days later, the fans eagerly waiting to hear from Max, finally have their wishes come true but not entirely as Max’s first public announcement post his accident comes bearing with unexpected news. Max in a regretful tone states, “This accident has been life changing, my over confidence and the thought of always aiming high was the reason behind the accident. I think that if I haven’t aimed so high this accident wouldn’t have happened, so at the end of the day even the best can make mistakes. At that moment inside the tunnel, I felt that if I took the risk to overtake Lewis, I could show the world how powerful and capable I am but unfortunately as hard as this is for me to say, this will be the end of my career”.

Tina, Héloïse and Louise from Mme Mourtérot’s class, Lycée St Thomas d’Aquin, Oullins

My name is Tom and I always thought I’d only wear Jordans, but today I put my Repetos on. I’m going to introduce you to the story.

Everything started at the end of the basketball training, ballerinas came to train in the gymnasium because theirs was close. When I got out of the changing room I heard a music. I got closer to it to see where it came from, ballerinas were dancing, I stayed there and watched them for the whole course, I was hypnotized.

At the end of the practice, the teacher came to me and told me “Did you like it?” I responded “Yes, they dance so well!”. She gave me the name and the address of the club “Come whenever you want, you are welcome!” I replied, “Thank you I’ll think about it!”

On my way to come back home, I was thinking about if I had to talk about it to my parents. When I was back home, I directly went to my room to practice all the movements the ballerina did sooner.

A week later, I decided to go to the dance school. Ballet makes me feel so many feelings, I love that, it makes me travel!

A month later, I asked my parents if I could stop playing basketball to dance. I didn’t expect my dad's reaction to be that harsh, I’m not allowed to go there anymore. I wanted my mother to react and to be by my side, but she didn’t say a word.

Even if they disagreed, I decided to go to the dance school. I started to work there and cleaned the club’s studio so I could practice discreetly. After six months lying to my parents, it was high time to tell them the truth, so I told them to come and see my final representation.

At first my parents disagreed but finally they came, when they saw me, they understood that I was made for this. Today they support me so I can live my passion.

Inès from Mme Hochart’s class, Lycée Pierre de Coubertin, Calais.

In the small city of Riverside, baseball was more than a simple sport. It was a tradition deeply rooted in the community so cool stop but over the years, the Wildcats, the local team, had lost their former glory. Defeats piled up, and with them, the enthusiasm for the game faded. The team finances were at an all-time low, threatening its very survival.

However, a last hope emerged when Jack Collins, a former player, offered to coach the Wildcats for one last attempt to qualify for the regional tournament. The players, an eclectic mix of young talents and disillusioned veterans, were sceptical about their chance of success.

Jack, with his charisma and unwavering determination, reignited the flame of passion amongst the Wildcats. He emphasised the importance of unity and camaraderie on the field. Under his guidance, the team began to regain confidence.

Yet, obstacles emerged in their path. Internal rivalries threatened to divide the team and financial resources remain limited. By the Wildcats guided by the spirit of the game and their fervent desire to save the team, overcame each challenge with determination.

The fateful day of the decisive match arrived. The Wildcats fought fiercely, inspiring the entire town with their passion and resilience. And finally, in a moment of pure magic, they emerged victorious, thus qualifying the team for the regional tournament.

This triumph resonated far beyond the simple baseball field, reminding everyone that sport was more than just a game. It was a bond that united a community and gave it hope for the future.

Hélina, from Mrs Boumaïza’s class, Lycée Notre-Dame de Sion, Evry Courcouronnes.

The sound of skates on ice, the way it slid across the ice clearer than glass. But even that ice couldn't shine any brighter than his smile. His smile seemed clumsy, but you could feel all the joy right through to his fatigue. I couldn't take my eyes off him.

That was 3 years ago.

“Get back to training! Don't forget that your competition is only a week away!”: my coach shouted at me.

He was the only one who wanted to train me. And if at the next competition I'm not first, he'll stop training me.

I had already been training for several months, every day for several hours at a time. All the figures and jumps I've done over and over again.

I knew I probably wasn't going to win, but I couldn't wait to finally meet the person who had given me the desire to try figure skating.

The day of the competition

I saw many candidates go by before me, my turn was getting closer and closer. I was still looking for this guy, hoping he'd look at my short program.

My turn had come, and before going out on the ice I took a last breath.

The music started, and I did a succession of jumps, pirouettes, and figures.

A very strange feeling came over me, a kind of strange mixture of joy and sadness. The fact that this will probably be the last time I do a short program, but also the satisfaction of finishing with the best performance I've ever done.

At the end, I took the last pose and when I looked up, I saw the face of the person I was looking for.

I wonder what kind of smile I gave him that day.

Lauriane and Lorenzo from Mme Boussaguet’s class, Lycée Dhuoda, Nîmes.

A Story with a Strong Message

The scene takes place in a train station. A woman arrived at the ticket desk and asked the employee to have a ticket, for the next train to Miami, to emergency because she was a doctor and she had to heal a soccer player who had a sprain at her leg.

The final of the football match was in one hour and all the other doctor were sick.

The employee told her that it was the last ticket. Her money fallen to the floor, at the same time, a man arrived behind her and asked the last ticket to Miami.The doctor was just taking all her money and told him that she was a doctor and she have to take the next train to Miami to help someone.

The man angry refused to give her the last ticket and he took the next train to Miami. He wanted to go and see his daugther, Lilli, who had to play soccer. He didn’t know she is injured at her leg  during the training. When he arrived, he saw his daughter worried and she explains to him that she was injured.

The doctor took  the next train and of course Lilli missed the beggining of the match.

When the doctor arrived, she saw the girl with her father and she noted that he was the same man who took  her train ticket.

She asked:

"Hello sir, is this your daughter?"

"Yes, she is. And you, why are you here?"

"I am the doctor who had to heal your daughter and you took my train ticket, so I came late and your daughter missed the beginning of her match."

"Oh no! I am so sorry everyone!"

Don’t be egotistic! That can turn against you!

Hajar, Youssef, Sarah, Dayl, Arno, Max, Myloslav from Mme Depierre’s class, CSI Europole, Grenoble.


“How does it feel to be on top of the world after dropping to your lowest?” asked the host.

“What can I say…when you are at rock bottom, the only way to go is up,” he answered.

I was under the lights. People were cheering for me. But it was not always like that…

7 years ago

“This is the moment you have been waiting for your entire life. You are an Olympic athlete, I knew you would get this far.’’ Said my dad, right before my turn in the track & field of the Olympic Games. The only thing I can clearly remember is the sound of the starter pistol and the excruciating pain.

“The damage is extensive, however rehabilitation might have some positive effects. Sadly, returning to competitive athletics at the same level, including future Olympic competitions, is unlikely.’’ Those were the words I heard first when I regained consciousness.

The months that followed the news were empty and painful. Until one fateful moment that changed my life. During a stroll at the park with my dad, I saw this little kid, in a wheelchair, chasing his friends and laughing.

I had to get back, and the only way was the Para Track & Field, something my dad kept talking about. And that’s what I did. With blood, sweat and tears until the finish tape.

I trained. I cried. I got scared and almost gave up. But I didn’t. Because racing makes me feel alive.

“That’s how I’m back. Back at the top’’

Hugo, Ambroise and Aloïs from Mrs Taylor’s class, Lycée La Perverie, Nantes.

The EPIC Competition

This is the story of a kid that’ll win the biggest leapfrogging competition of all time.

Hello, I’m Diavolo Joestar, and this is my story. Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved jumping over things like sheep and people. The other day, I learned that the biggest leapfrogging event was taking place near my house, in Cairo. I decided to work very hard, like Saitama Dibidongue, my idol, the greatest leapfrogger of all time.

Here is my training regime: 100 push-ups, 100 squats, and 10 miles every single day for three complete YEARS.

The competition was followed by the ENTIRE world. The rules were simple: you need to jump over people, you gain one point per jump, every jump, it gets harder, and the first to reach 5412542 points WINS THE COMPETITION!!!!!!

At the end of my training, I was so buffed that I KILLED all the people that I was jumping over. At the end, I won the competition in 1 HOUR!! and met Saitama Dibidongue, my biggest idol of all time. At the end, I had broken his past record - 2 HOURS.

At the end, me, a 20-year-old youngster, had become the grand champion of the leapfrogging competition.