The Battle of Hastings

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The Battle of Hastings in 1066 was a major event in English history,  which ushered in 400 years of Norman rule of England. After William the Conqueror won the English crown, French became the legal language of England for 300 years. This topic is rich in elements of British culture, and fits perfectly with the 5ème history curriculum.

The Battle of Hastings and Bayeux Tapestry are ideal for EPIs. We have provided two resources for different levels and themes. a

With the A2 article, we suggest associating English and History in an EPI related to theme 2 of the history curriculum for 5ème (Société, Église et pouvoir politique dans l’occident féodal (XIeXVe siècle).

The B1-level article focuses more on the linguistic consequences. We suggest using it in an EPI with French, Art or German in 3ème, looking at how languages influence each other, or how legends and history are depicted in comic-strip form like the Bayeux Tapestry.

Vocabulary and structures A2

  • Words linked with monarchy and power (King, kingdom, crown, duke, bishop, nobles, invade, invasion, army, defeat, win, lose, battle…).
  • The past simple.
  • Place names, locations and nationalities (Normandy-Norman and Norway-Norwegian may be new).
  • Dates
  • Compass points and geography

Vocabulary and structures B1

  • simple present, simple past, past perfect
  • passive voice
  • dates
  • compass points and geography
  • royalty
  • military vocabulary
  • writing a summary

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