Two Queens

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This article explores the fates of two queens who reigned in neighbouring kingdoms in the 16th century. Both linked and opposed, they had to rule in a man’s world, in a conflict-ridden society, where religious and political unrest were rife and conspiracy and treason were the norm.

Through the new biopic, Mary Queen of Scots, we ask pupils to think about how, and why, we remember historic figures, and how we reinvent them for our own needs.

Vocabulary and structures

  • royal power: throne, crown, heir, to reign, rule, take up the throne, regent, court, monarch
  • family: sister, half-brother, half-sister, uncle, father, cousin...
  • living and dying: widow, death, execution, birth, be engaged to, childhood..
  • link words: comparison and contrast (whereas, yet, unlike…)
  • past perfect vs preterite / passive voice
  • personality: cold-hearted, emotional, sensitive, manipulative
  • conflict: conspiracy, strife, conflict, unrest….


  • understanding an authentic promotional video


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Notion(s) culturelle(s) : "Mythes et héros" "Lieux et formes du pouvoir"