Princess Sophia Duleep Singh selling the Suffragette newspaper.

Princess Suffragette

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Everyone has heard of the Suffragettes and their actions, yet, have you heard of Princess Suffragette? This Indian princess, whose father was the last ruler of the Sikh Empire, gave up her socialite life in order to fight for a cause.

Meet Sophia Duleep Singh, goddaughter to Queen Victoria who got involved in Emmeline Pankhurst’s movement and later in WWI as a nurse.

The following activities on a ten-minute-long documentary will enable the students to discover who Sophia was and discover more about not only the suffragette movement but also the relationship between India and Great Britain at the turn of the 20th century. We suggest having pupils work in groups, each on one short section of the video, before coming together to compare notes.

Vocabulary and structures

  • Royal titles and places + social backgrounds : Maharaja, Queen, palace, upper-class…
  • personality : brave, revolutionary, bold, a trailblazer, pioneer…
  • fighting for a cause: raise awareness, make people aware, raise funds, struggle, demontrate, get involved, involvement…
  • express opinion: I reckon, to my mind…
  • justify opinion: since, as…
  • explaining / giving details : as a matter of fact, indeed..

Sophia / səʊˈfaɪə /

You can find more about Sophia Duleep Singh on the website of Hampton Court: she lived in the grounds of the palace for much of her adult life.

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