Your Students Have Talent: Once Upon a Time

Posted by Speakeasy News > Sunday 15 March 2020 > Pedagogy Shine Bright Lycée

We always love to see students' work. Here are some new twists on fairy tales pupils wrote and illustrated as their final task in a sequence from Shine Bright 2e:  File 20 Once Upon a Time.

In this sequence,  in Axe 6 La création et le rapport aux arts, students discovered some updated versions of fairy tales in different artforms and considered what makes these tales so attractive and inspiring for American artists. As their final task, they were asked write their own, very short version of a fairy tale as members of the screenwriting team of the series Once Upon a Time.

Here are some great tales by pupils at Lycée Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Sarcelles (92).

a picture and text about Cinderella

a picture and text about Mulan

a picture and text about Tom Thumb


Your students have talent, too!
We are always happy to celebrate students' work at any class level. If you have examples you would like to share, please send them to us, letting us know about the task pupils were responding to.