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Winning Texts: Sports Stories Competition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 20 June 2024 > Pedagogy

We challenged your pupils to write stories inspired sport and the Olympic Games. We were stunned by the imagination they showed.

We got thousands and thousands of entries and it's taken a while to read them all, but we can now announce the authors of the winning texts.

We've split them into pages by level, we hope you'll enjoy reading them!

Collège A2
Collège B1
Lycée B1
B1 plus
And a few outsize stories!

We contacted all the teachers of the winners for whom we had email addresses. If we weren't able to contact you and there are any errors in the way we have identified your pupil(s), please contact us so we can change them.

Thank you to all the pupils who participated, and to all the energetic teachers who encouraged them!