A Royal Celebration

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This biography of King Charles III is meant for A2 students. The coronation ceremonies will take place on Saturday 6th of May 2023 and celebrations are expected all over the United Kingdom and in some Commonwealth countries. The Royal Family is a fairly common topic at the moment, so your students are likely to know enough to be able to produce more than the worksheet asks for. Don’t hesitate to let them talk freely!

 Vocabulary and grammar

  • Royalty vocabulary: ascend the throne, accede to the throne, assume the throne / heir apparent / head of the Commonwealth / kingdom, realm
  • Passive: was born, was created, was nominated, ruled by
  • Superlative: the first, the longest-serving, the oldest
  • Relative clauses (activity G)


  • Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh, Windsor, throne, heir, young/youth, Commonwealth, realm, reign, Cambridge, Diana, Camilla…
  • Stress in grandfather, grandson, created, university, United…
  • Monarchs’ titles: George VI (George the sixth), Elizabeth II (Elizabeth the second), Charles III (Charles the third)

We've provided the biographical information as a text because there is quite a lot of work on specific vocabulary and information searching. But you may want to start off by showing the same information as a slideshow.

You can download the MP4 file below to use in class.