Her Majesty the Queen dressed in pink, waving and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Seventy Years a Queen

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The UK is getting ready for a very special “Trooping the Colour” in June… 2022 marks Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne! The longest reign ever, even Queen Victoria didn’t reign that long.

Famous worldwide for her colourful dresses and hats, Queen Elizabeth embodies the British monarchy and everyone – even beyond Great Britain – feels a special attachment to this timeless Queen who has been through so much over the last years.

This B1 article, video,  “who is it” animated quiz and activities will enable the students to learn more about not only the Queen’s life and reign but also about the upcoming celebrations.

This could be a good follow up to Shine Bright AMC File 6 The Crown and the Houses.

Vocabulary and structures

  • monarchy: reign, monarchy, Queen, king, Prince…Queen Elizabeth vs The Queen
  • celebrations: to celebrate, cheer up, wave flags, enthusiasm / enthusiastic/ march…
  • feelings: enthusiastic, cheerful, happy, glad, elated, excited…
  • Give opinions and justify a viewpoint: I think, to my mind, in my opinion, on the one hand, I reckon / since, insofar as…
  • link words: cause and consequence (because of, as, since / that’s why, so, therefore)
  • preterite / present simple / be -ing present


  • “th” in Elizabeth
  • “Queen Elizabeth the second” (though written “Queen Elizabeth 2”), King George the fifth (and sixth), King Edward the eighth

You can download the biobox for use offline below, or send your pupils to this neutral page to view it.

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