A frame from the comic strip showing Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip getting married.

Queen Elizabeth II Comic Strip Part 2

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 09 June 2022 > Ready to Use

We promised you a second part to our A1+ worksheet based on a comic-strip telling of Queen Elizabeth II's life. The first worksheet ended with her meeting with Prince Philip in Dartmouth, in the south of England. In Part 2, we follow Elizabeth through the Second World War, marriage and up to her coronation. Your pupils will learn a few basic elements of British history and will at the same time enlarge their grammar and vocabulary in order to be able to write and say a short text about some past and present famous British figures.

We’ve provided the comic strip both in classic PDF form and in an animated video form, with audio. Feel free to use either or both.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • kings and queens
  • family vocabulary (to be revised)
  • reactions and feelings: worried, impressed, proud
  • other adjectives: calm, firm, united, brave
  • jobs: a naval officer, a mechanic
  • give a speech, broadcast
  • together, near, far (from)
  • be going to
  • simple past (had, celebrated)
  • the comparative: older
  • will + V


  • /iː/, /ɪ/, /ɜː/,/aɪ/
  • Stress and intonation

Here are the three episodes in video version. You can find them on this page for your students.