Maxwell Alejandro Frost making a campaign speech

A Youth Voice for Congress

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The midterm elections will take place in the U.S.A. on 8 November. Among thousands of candidates, Maxwell Alejandro Frost stands out as a lively and enthusiastic young activist, who’s been involved in politics and has organised political events since he was 15. Now 25, Frost is aiming to be the first member of Generation Z to be elected to Congress. Born to a Cuban family and adopted by another Cuban family living in Florida, Maxwell’s early career is reminiscent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s.

This article would be a good addition to Shine Bright Terminale File 13 Latino stories, particularly with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

You could also associate it with the section on March for Our Lives in Shine Bright Première File 13 Digital Democracy

For more on the New Green Deal Frost supports, see Shine Bright AMC File 19 Renewable USA


Vocabulary and structures

- politics: election, win a seat, candidate, primary election, campaigning, to be elected…

- topical issues: gun control, civil rights, climate change

- past vs present: present perfect for / since

- organising ideas chronologically: first, then, finally

- cause, consequence / contrast: that’s why, as a consequence…because of, since, as …. But , yet, however…

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