Sinéad Burke sitting at a desk in an empty classroom. There is a map of Ireland on the wall behind her.

Little Person, Big Personality

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Sinéad Burke is a very determined young Irish teacher, writer and activist who, as a little person, has had to find ways to make her dreams come true. In spite of bullying and all kinds of difficulties in a world which is very slowly taking differences into account, she not only became a teacher, but also managed to speak out on behalf of other disabled people. In this B1 worksheet your students will learn about her initiatives and successes and be asked to think about ways to make the world more inclusive.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • disabled, disability, types of disabilities.
  • bullying, laughing at, mocking, making fun of...
  • synonyms of determined.
  • lexical field of furious.
  • want someone to.
  • should, shouldn’t.


  • Sinéad Burke /ʃɪˈneɪd/
  • disabled // disability
  • <ed> in decided, persisted // organised // laughed