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Elvis. Just his first name is enough for everyone to know who we’re talking about! Or certainly for adults to know. The King of rock 'n' roll is still alive thanks to not only his fans but also Baz Luhrmann whose latest movie takes us into the King’s world.

Luhrmann explores the dark side of Elvis’s rise and fall, and how Colonel Tom Parker – his manager and mentor – made him The King while simultaneously wearing him out.

Forty-five years after the King’s death, students are given the opportunity to get a glimpse of what it was like to be a teenager in the 50s, discovering Elvis and how he enthralled his audiences and revolutionized the world, leaving his imprint forever etched in everyone’s memory.

This article deals with the movie to be released on 22 June and the activities will enable the students to better understand Elvis’s success and what made him The King. This article can be used along with Shine Bright Première File 1 Biopics in Hollywood

Vocabulary and structures

  • shows / performance: stage, perform, sing, dance
  • relationships: trapping, influencing, taking advantage of, a crook...
  • feelings and emotions: to go crazy, be wild, be in a frenzy..…
  • linkwords : opposition (yet, nonetheless, nevertheless…), comparing and contrasting (contrary to, on the contrary, while…)
  • preterite/ present simple


  • Elvis Presley /ˈelvɪs ˈprɛzlɪ/ – accentuation and /ɪ/ sound

You can download the biobox for use offline below, or send your pupils to this neutral page to view it.

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