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A simple video to introduce the topic of the gender pay gap. In France, Equal Pay Day 2016 is being marked on 7 November. In the U.K. it's the 10th. That's the day when women effectively stop earning — they work the rest of the calendar year for free.

That is of course just a metaphor but it's a way of symbolising the different earning power of men and women. See our article for more on this subject.

This video from the Fawcett Society, a charity which lobbies for gender equality in the U.K., is a really simple introduction to the topic. It is based around the idea that it is unfair if you get less for your money than another consumer. Teenagers tend to be very sensitive to unfairness, so will quickly get the point.

The very first example is about buying a pint of beer. If you aren't comfortable with portraying alcohol in the classroom, it's easy just to skip to the first slogan (0:10). In terms of comprehension (listening and reading the intertitles), this is suitable from A2. However, you may feel pupils don't really have the language skills to discuss the subject of the gender pay gap under B1 level.

This site campaigning against the gender pay gap in various European countries has a useful map with the statistics on the pay gap across the E.U.



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