An historical photo of an Ireland-France rugby match.

France vs Ireland: 120 years of Rugby

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What better moment than the Rugby World Cup to take a look at the 120-year-long history of friendship and rivalry opposing France and Ireland on the rugby pitch? Let’s explore this relationship thanks to the online exhibition set up by the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris.

This online exhibition will enable the students to discover more not only about the evolution of rugby in these two countries and the way they have often played one another over the past century, but also about how this sport has reflected the society of its time.

This thorough online exhibition will allow you to divide the class in groups and train the students in picking out information, taking notes and rephrasing before sharing information.

If you have the opportunity, you could take classes to see the free exhibition in real life, in the courtyard of the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris.

Vocabulary and structures

  • explaining events, past and present: simple past, present perfect, simple present
  • chronology of events: first, then , finally…
  • sports and competitions: games, matches, to play a team, players, championship…
  • comparing: : contrary to, on the contrary, likewise, unlike, whereas, while, …
  • cause vs consequence: because, as since, as a consequence, that’s why…
  • dates


  • Pronunciation of rugby, Ireland

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