The Webb Ellis World Cup and a rugby ball reading France2023 on the grass of a stadium.

Time for Rugby

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This A2/A2+ level article and audio can be used shortly after the beginning of the year. It can be tied in to a unit reviewing hobbies while using the context of the Rugby World Cup starting on 8 September in France and finishing on 28 October. All through the tournament, match results can be discussed as parts of warming up activities.

The Rugby World Cup is always a good opportunity to review English-speaking countries, since most of the leading teams are from Commonwealth nations. This A2/A2+ level article and audio dialogue can be can also be used in conjunction with Shine Bright 2de File 9 "Go Kiwis", File 13 "Running for Africa" (South Africa's team spirit), or as a differentiation activity with Shine Bright 1re File 12 "Peoples of Oceania".

Vocabulary: rugby, countries (many of the Commonwealth of Nations), nationalities, continents

Phonology: the various sounds for “i”, syllable stress

Grammar: preterite, passive form

Cultural element: the origins of rugby

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