Invisible Women

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British author and activist Caroline Criado Perez’s new book Invisible Women sets out to show that we live in a world that is literally made for men. And the results of that vary from annoying to downright dangerous. This B2-B2+ resource based around a review of the book fits well into the Shine Bright 1re Advanced file 1 for LLCER: Brave new women, on women and dystopias. What if real life were dystopian? The focus on science and technology in Criado Perez’s examples mean the resource could also be used in a sequence on Innovations scientifiques et responsabilité.

Vocabulary and structures

  • the world of work
  • science and technology
  • passive voice
  • present perfect
  • expressing possibility, permission and prohibition


  • the situation of women in modern society
  • science and technology


  • Describing a photograph.
  • Making hypotheses.
  • Analysing a book review.

Axes du programme

  • LLCER: Imaginaires: Utopies/dystopies
  • Innovations scientifiques et responsabilité

Caroline Priado Perez will be giving a reading from her book at Shakespeare and Co in Paris on 16 July.

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