A British armoured car in Ireland during the War of Independence.

Irish Independence: Online Exhibition

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 05 April 2024 > Ready to Use Shine Bright Lycée

This online exhibition offered by the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris will give pupils an insight into the turbulent history of Irish independence.

These B1+/B2 texts are a means for your students to better understand Ireland’s troubled history while learning / revising the lexical fields of war and violence.

This resource  could either be used as an independent activity or included in a DNL lesson, for example part of the sequence on The Irish Question in our online textbook History 1re. It’s a good addition to Shine Bright 1e File 9 The Emerald Isle or background to Shine Bright AMC File 17 Border Line or Shine Bright LLCER File 20 The Irish Art of Exile.

Vocabulary and structures

  • war: conflict, army, soldiers, retaliation…
  • violence: threaten, hunt down down,
  • talking about past events (preterite)
  • diplomacy: negociation, treaty, independence…
  • express chronology: dates
  • express cause and consequences: because of, as, since…
  • express paradox: even though, although, even if…


You can see the exhibition here.

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