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In this audio interview, actress Kathryn Hunter discusses her role in Peter Brooks' play The Valley of Astonishment: Sammy Costas, a mnemonist who can remember large quantities of numbers and text. The play is based on the real experiences of patients described by Dr Oliver Sacks. The extract tackles both the theme of memory and of the importance of being able to forget, a theme which is very relevant in the modern world.

SN_valleyof_intAt 1'39, it works for practising listening comprehension for the Bac exam, on the theme of L'idée de progrès.

Vocabulary and structures

  • present simple and past simple
  • passive
  • modals
  • memory

Notions culturelles
l'idée de progrès

Before pupils listen, you may want to introduce the topic of the play. You can find details in our article.

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