Poster for Nomadland showing a campsite and various characters from the film.

Nomadland: On the Road for the 21st Century

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Nomadland, the multi-Oscar-winning film by Chloé Zhao, makes an excellent extension to Shine Bright LLCER File 7 On the Road for 1ère, or File 19 Modern Western for Terminale. It could also be interesting to use with Shine Bright AMC File 13 Land of the Free in connection with Freedom from Want. The story of modern-day nomads living in camper vans and trying to pick up short-term work to supplement minimal pensions echoes with Kerouac's hobos and the families fleeing the Dustbowl in John Steinbeck's novels, as short video clips from the film show.

The resource uses posters from the film, the trailer, an interview with Zhao and star and producer Frances McDormand as well as the short clips of literary quotes.

Our article on the film could also be useful.

Grammaire : les deux formes du présent, prétérit, used to
Lexique : éléments constitutifs d’une image, voyage, cinéma, changement
OBJECTIFS PRAGMATIQUES : faire la promotion d’un film
OBJECTIFS CULTURELS : la crise économique de 2008 aux Etats-Unis, mouvement ‘vandwelling’ (mode de vie nomade et minimaliste), road trips, the American dream
OBJECTIF METHODOLOGIQUE : description d’images

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