The children characters from The Secret Garden: Colin, Dickon and Mary plus Hector the dog.

The Secret Garden

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We’ve been promising you a resource on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic story about an orphan girl who discovers a hidden garden and decides it will help cure her sickly cousin. It’s perfect for coming-of-age stories in LLCER, but we also wanted younger students to be able to enjoy it, so we’ve provided three different resources for A2, A2+-B1 and B2.

The three worksheets can  enable differenciated teaching within the same age group or  allow you to work it with students from 6e to lycée. This work can be used to work on the comparatives, physical description and feelings but it can also be an introduction (or follow up work!) on Jane Eyre or other topics like reality vs fiction (lycée curriculum) or « imaginaires » or « expression et construction de soi » for LLCER groups. It would be a good addition to Shine Bright LLCER File 16 Coming-of-age stories.

So, why don’t you try and open the door to this secret garden?

Lexique et grammaire


  • comparatives of superiority
  • physical descriptions
  • feelings


  • the passive voice
  • infinitive structures: expect sb to / want to
  • physical and personality descriptions
  • comparing with link words
  • relative clauses


  • compound adjectives (physical and personality descriptions)
  • past perfect
  • comparing with link words


  • speaking clearly and articulately in front of a group
  • interaction: rhythm, intonation in questions

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