Steampunk Video

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 20 February 2017 > Webpicks

Pupils are sure to be intrigued by the larger-than-life visuals and machines that make up the Steampunk universe. This video from the "Steampunk capital of the world" - Oamaru, New Zealand - is a great introduction.

Read all about Oamaru and Steampunk in our article.

Please don’t adjust your screen – the flickering camera work is pure Steampunk!

The first couple of minutes of this short report is usable from A2 for comprehension. If pupils look a little confused around 1’50” with the description of base-jumping off a dirigible, they should be relieved when the journalist comments that she got a little lost in the Steampunk lingo!

The whole thing is great at any level for the visuals alone. And B1 pupils up can be asked to work out what “off their rockers” means in the 3’50-4’15 segment where the journalist asks whether the interviewees believe in time travel.