Comic Notes: Joe Sacco “Paying the Land”

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Joe Sacco has been creating works of comic non-fiction for more than two decades, illustrating conflict, war and human atrocity through the medium of graphic art. For his latest book — “Paying the Land”—Joe Sacco travels to the Arctic regions of Canada and tells us the history of the Dene Nation, an indigenous people living … Continue reading “Comic Notes: Joe Sacco “Paying the Land””


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Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter notre nouvelle méthode d’anglais pour le lycée. Cliquez pour la découvrir en six indices : Comment aborder la réforme en anglais avec notre collection ? Voici en trois minutes chrono les réponses aux questions que vous vous posez !     Shine Bright News Vous rêviez d’une méthode qui s’actualisait ? Nous l’avons … Continue reading “Introducing….”

Interactive Calendar

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Pourquoi un calendrier interactif ? L’idée même du calendrier n’est pas de moi. Project Britain, site très apprécié des professeurs d’anglais en collège, en propose un depuis des années. Récemment, certains éditeurs de manuels ont élaboré des posters ou des agendas à destination des enseignants. C’est une conversation sur Twitter avec une collègue d’anglais de l’académie … Continue reading “Interactive Calendar”

Classes européennes, the Come-back: Tell Us What You Think!

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After a short break, the education ministry has announced that classes européennes can once more be offered in collèges. We’d love to have your input about these classes and the topics that work well in them. Do you have five minutes to spare to fill in our online questionnaire? We’d really appreciate it if you … Continue reading “Classes européennes, the Come-back: Tell Us What You Think!”

Prom Time

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Prom is an end-of-year tradition in North American schools, and a rite of passage for teenagers. It has spread across the Atlantic. Most British schools now organise some kind of end-of-school, prom-style dance. Proms started out as banquets for graduating university classes in the 19th century. Prom is short for “promenade”, the formal arrival of … Continue reading “Prom Time”

A Virtual Visit to Buckingham Palace

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A new app will allow classes to virtually visit Buckingham Palace without leaving their classrooms. Beam me up, Scottie! School trips are wonderful learning experiences, especially for language learning. But all sorts of issues with time, finance and security mean that it is not possible for every child to go on a trip. So this … Continue reading “A Virtual Visit to Buckingham Palace”

Visiting Buckingham Palace

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This A1-level article and comprehension activities will introduce your pupils to one of London’s most popular monuments, Buckingham Palace, and its occupants, the Royal Family. Vocabulary and structures present simple numbers (simple and complex) the names of different rooms describing a home the Royal Family