A map of the British Isles with Dublin and Norwich highlighted.

Travel to Dublin or Norwich for Language Training Courses

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 05 November 2021 > Pedagogy

Every year, the Education Ministry finances 400 courses in language and culture in EU countries for language teachers in primary or secondary. Applications need to be in by 17 January 2022.

The two-week courses take place during the summer holidays. This year there are two in Dublin and two in Norwich (England), from 11 to 22 July and from 18 to 29 July.  There are 24-30 places on the different courses. They are open both to language teachers and those teaching a DNL (discipline non-linguistique) in European sections.

The courses are a good refresher in language, teaching practices and culture. The ministry finances the training, food and accommodation, but not travel costs.

For more information, visit the France Education International site.