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This A1+-A2 slideshow will provide your students with information about the tradition of Valentine’s cards but also about the origins of Valentine’s Day, according to legend, and a connected celebration in Ghana, Chocolate Day. The accompanying activities help develop speaking and writing capacities.

Vocabulary and structures

    • Saying and writing dates and numbers (150 million...)
    • Pronunciation:
    • Comparative and superlative (the most romantic, much more romantic, the second biggest...)
    • Passive (has been associated, was executed, are bought)
    • Prepositions: send to, interested in, associated with
    • Imperative
    • Relative pronouns: the day when, a prisoner who
    • Determination: teachers, students // the students in the class
    • Adverbs: tradition > traditionally
    • Have+EN

    NB: These are all in the text but you will have to choose what you want to teach at this stage and what can be left to mere understanding


  • pagan, cocoa
  • Stress in: Valentine, romantic, anonymous, chocolate, prisoner, executed...

You can download the MP4 file below to use offline in class.

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