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We have a bumper crop of videos and audio on Easter traditions in English-speaking countries, especially for A1+ learners.

The Banque de ressources numériques éducatives anglais cycle 4 has three videos and an audio on Easter themes. Like all the resources in the BRNE, you can download the video or audio to use offline, as well as the script and teacher's guide. There are online activities to help your pupils' comprehension. And the videos are available with non subtitles, English subtitles, or keyword subtitles to use with different levels.

SN_englishtracts_5e You'll find even more activities for the first two in the English Tracks 5e workbook.

To see the resources, register now or log in and search for "Easter". You'll find:

Audios > A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Easter Egg Hunt
A Canadian school student describes the annual Easter egg hunt on Vancouver Island where she lives.

Vidéos > A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Easter Sunday
Alice, a British girl living in the countryside, looks at different types of Easter eggs — straight from her family henhouse, hand-painted or in chocolate.

Vidéos > A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Making Easter Eggs
Lyra decides to make her own chocolate eggs, and gives us a little spelling lesson while she's at it.

Vidéos > A1+ > Rencontres avec d'autres cultures > Easter Traditions
British boys Josh and Dylan talk about hunting and painting eggs, and eating hot-cross buns.



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