Funding for Exchanges with the U.K.

Posted by Speakeasy News > Tuesday 06 March 2018 > Pedagogy

A scheme administered by the British Council offers funding for school exchange projects for  17-to-19-year-olds: up to £10,000 per project. The deadline for applications for the next awards of funds is 19 November 2018.

The Charles de Gaulle Trust grants are awarded to French and British schools working on projects together. They must be applied for jointly by two partner schools, and there must be a project, more than just visiting the other country. The schools can receive up to £5000 each to subsidise the visit and project costs.

The awards are reserved for 17-19-year-olds and must have a cross-curricular and vocational training aspect, helping pupils improve their employability and transferable skills. At least five pupils must benefit from the grant, and the trip to the UK must be for 7-to-14 days. All types of lycées can apply, although these awards are particularly appropriate for for lycées professionnels and lycées téchnolgiques.

You can get more information on the  grants, including application forms, on the British Council site in French or English.

This article gives an example of a project between two schools for visually impaired pupils, the Cité Scolaire René Pellet in Villeurbanne and the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, England. And this one explains a successful project  between car maintenance vocational students in Gray (Haute-saône) and Fareham (Hampshire).

Charles de Gaulle Trust grants is a joint project with the Education nationale and DAREIC and there is also information on Educscol.