Funding for School Exchanges

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 02 November 2016 > Pedagogy

Two schemes administered by the British Council offer funding for school exchange projects: up to £10,000 per project. Applications for the next awards of funds must be in by 10 November, the following deadline will be in May 2017.

The Lefèvre and Charles de Gaulle Trust grants are awarded to French and British schools working on projects together.

The Lefèvre grants are for collèges and lycées (pupils ages 11-19). They must be applied for jointly by two partner schools, and there must be a project, more than just visiting the other country. The schools can receive up to £5000 each to subsidise the visit and project costs.

For example a collège in Toulouse worked with a school in Hull on a version of Romeo and Juliet where the Capulets and Montagues were the two classes on a school exchange. Schools in Montpellier and Kent worked on a project about international migration and simulated a European Parliament debate. A collège in La Motte Servolex in Savoie, and a school in Somerset worked on King Arthur, geology and rowing together. This is their video.

The Charles de Gaulle Trust awards are reserved for 17-19-year-olds and must have a cross-curricular and vocational training aspect, helping pupils improve their employability and transferable skills.

You can get more information about both grants, including application forms, on the British Council site.

These are joint projects with the Education nationale and DAREIC and there is also information on Educscol.