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Hurricanes are dominating the news at the moment but how do hurricanes form and how are they classified? This video and animation are useful teaching tools.

This animation from U.S. National Hurricane Center shows the intensity of different levels of hurricane. It is purely visual and can be used for description.

This report for children by BBC Newsround is good from A2. There is lots of natural use of the passive. If focuses on Irma arriving on the British Overseas Territory of Turks and Caicos. Pupils could be asked to contribute information about where they have been hearing about most on the news (the French islands of St Martin and St Barts). There is also a short video that is also aimed at children and can be tackled from A2+.

This short video from the BBC explains how hurricanes are formed. It is clear, and the visuals help. It can be used from B1+ and is particularly suited to classes with a scientific speciality.

The first part of this article from CNN gives some fast facts about the 2017 hurricane season. There is also a slide show with facts about hurricanes in the U.S., usable from A2+.

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Some of these resources could be used in association with the Speakeasy Activities 5e sequence on Tsunamis.