Irresistible: U.S. Politics on Film

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As the race to the White House is about to resume after the pandemic , Jon Stewart’s latest movie —  released on 1 July in France — takes you behind the scenes to help you decipher a political campaign. Setting the movie in Wisconsin, and using (wry) humour, Stewart wants people to realise politics is sometimes more a matter of money and media than a matter of ideas. Rivalry, strategy and stereotypes are exposed.

The following activities will help the students get a glimpse of U.S. politics and get ready for the oncoming presidential elections (which may well be about money and media!). Additional information can be found on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for those who want to focus on a particular aspect or line of the movie.

We will provide a specific resource on this year’s Presidential election in September, once the party conventions have finally been held.

Vocabulary and structures

  • politics: campaign, canvassing, run for.,. politics, politicians, candidate
  • human relationships: rivalry, enemy, hate/ hatred…
  • film / movie: film director, the cast, actors…
  • analysis/interpretation: suggest, imply, underline, stress, shed light on
  • linkwords: adding and developing ideas : what’s more, thus, ie, …; contrasting / opposition : while, whereas, though…


  • American accent

The Featurette:

The Trailer: