Pirates of the Caribbean

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In this A1+ article your students will use their speaking and reading skills to travel in the world of Disney’s latest Pirates of the Caribbean film whose UK title Salazar’s Revenge is more explicit than the U.S. Dead Men Don’t Tell Lies. While exploring the theme of heroes and anti-heroes would obviously be above A1+ level, this can be the starting point of a writing activity which could be expanded through three or four units of work.

Vocabulary and structures

  • sailor, captain, ghost, god
  • find, discover, save, kill
  • vocabulary of physical description and feelings (recycling)
  • expressing purpose
  • look + adjective // look at + noun

Stress and rhythm.
Pronunciation of pirate, Caribbean, ocean, captain, Sparrow, Poseidon, pearl, silent...

Writing Stories
The Thumbs up! 6e textbook has lots more guided creative writing activities around creating tales about dragons.
Download a sample double-page here.


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