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Bite the Ballot and The League of Young Voters are both British charities created by young people and focused on getting young people engaged in voting, especially in the general election on 8 June. Their videos, apps and animations are extremely teen-friendly and excellent for working on citizenship in class.

This video encouraging young people to vote, by The League of Young Voters, is very accessible. It’s rapped, but relatively slowly and clearly. Fine from B1, or give it a try with motivated A2+ students. The graphics are simple and the message is clear:
"Why should I vote when my vote is one in a million? I can't make a difference, I'm just a civilian..."
"You should vote because we're in the minority, and authority considers us a lower priority."

The word play on "Y vote" (youth vote/Why vote/Generation Y?) is understandable even at A2+.

Do Politics or Politics Will Do You
On a similar theme, that your needs will be ignored if you don't make your voice heard, there is a great little animation on Bite the Ballot's homepage –  usable in class from A2. At that level, you can either gloss over or explain the idiom in the slogan "Do Politics or Politics Will Do You".

Bite the Ballot has developed an app, Verto, which allows voters to choose issues that are important to them and compare the different parties' policies on them.

This video is a detailed explanation of Verto. It's too long to use the whole thing in class but the first two minutes contain an interesting discussion of the importance of social media in engaging young people in politics. (B1 and above)

There is a B1 video with interactive comprehension activities about a first-time UK voter in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4. To see the resources, register now or log in, then go to:
Vidéos > B1 > École et société > Laura's First Vote
Laura goes to cast her vote for the first time, and talks about British elections.


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