Streamglish Video: Self-driving Cars

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 05 January 2024 > Shine Bright Lycée

In a new addition to the site for Shine Bright lycée users, you'll will find a new video here each month, with a worksheet to use it in class. These videos are brought to you in partnership with Streamglish and each one is available for one month. This month: Self-driving cars.

This short B2-level video is about driverless taxis in San Francisco, California. It fits well into a sequence on Innovations scientifiques et responsabilité.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • Car equipment: steering wheel, turn signal, pedals, sensors
  • Road safety: double yellow line, red light (traffic light), make a hand signal,
  • modal auxiliaries
  • adjectives and antonyms

When you click to watch the video, it will open full screen and with different options of subtitling (we recommend without subtitles). If you pause or stop while watching and receive an error 404 message, just refresh this page.


Who is in the Driving Seat?

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