Memory Tricks: Their, There and They’re

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 03 June 2021 > Pedagogy

We stumbled across this simple visualisation to help pupils remember the spellings of the homophones their, there and they’re. We couldn’t resist sharing. It just shows the power of a well-conceived image. “their” refers to a person or people so there’s a little stick man replacing the “i”. “there” refers to a place so the … Continue reading “Memory Tricks: Their, There and They’re”

Albums de souvenir

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 20 February 2017 > Pedagogy

Mes classes de 5e ont eu la formidable opportunité de pouvoir visiter Amsterdam, dans l’objectif de découvrir le lieu où Anne Frank a vécu. Une des leçons essentielles qu’ils ont retenues de la lecture du journal et de la visite de sa cachette est ‟n’oublions jamais ce qu’il s’est passé ici”. Le thème de la mémoire … Continue reading “Albums de souvenir”

Learning to Learn

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 19 January 2017 > Pedagogy

What does a pupil understand when a teacher says, “Learn today’s lesson for next time”? What exactly should the pupil do? Read the work over, copy it out, memorise the new words or expressions, use them in context to produce a message…? Which tools should be used (notebook, textbook, school homework website…)? And how will … Continue reading “Learning to Learn”

Presidential Inaugurations: Video

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 11 January 2017 > Webpicks

Once every four years, a U.S. President is inaugurated. This video gives a succinct summary of the significance of this ritualised event. The video was prepared before Barack Obama’s second inaugural ceremony in 2013, but it gives a good overview of the Inauguration as a U.S. political institution. The second minute, where a historian wonders … Continue reading “Presidential Inaugurations: Video”

Memory Interview

Posted by Speakeasy News > Thursday 15 December 2016 > Ready to Use

In this audio interview, actress Kathryn Hunter discusses her role in Peter Brooks’ play The Valley of Astonishment: Sammy Costas, a mnemonist who can remember large quantities of numbers and text. The play is based on the real experiences of patients described by Dr Oliver Sacks. The extract tackles both the theme of memory and … Continue reading “Memory Interview”

Peter Brook: The Valley of Astonishment

Posted by Speakeasy News > Wednesday 07 December 2016 > What's On

Back by popular demand, the legendary director Peter Brook’s  The Valley of Astonishment in Paris. The play examines the joys and dilemmas of people with exceptional perception and memory: who experience synaesthesia, where the senses become mixed and a person can taste colours or see sounds. And in particular those who can apparently remember everything … Continue reading “Peter Brook: The Valley of Astonishment”

Projet du souvenir: les champs de bataille de la Première guerre mondiale

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 02 September 2016 > Pedagogy

Les commémorations actuelles du centenaire de la première guerre mondiale sont une occasion parfaite pour construire des séquences mêlant histoire et culture. Le projet Remembrance, destiné aux 3èmes, organisé avec la collaboration d’un collègue en histoire et en partenariat avec un établissement européen, permet aux élèves de deux pays de communiquer régulièrement tout au long … Continue reading “Projet du souvenir: les champs de bataille de la Première guerre mondiale”