Tina Turner : A Star is Dead

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 26 May 2023 > In the News

Tina Turner, celebrated for her incomparable voice, electrifying stage presence, and resilient spirit, passed away on Wednesday 24 May at her home in Küsnacht, Switzerland, near Zurich. She was 83. Turner durably marked the music industry. Born Anna Mae Bullock on 26 November , 1939, in Nutbush, Tennessee, to a poor sharecropping African-American family, Tina … Continue reading “Tina Turner : A Star is Dead”

Respect: Aretha Franklin Biopic

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 23 August 2021 >

A new biopic of soul diva Aretha Franklin takes its title from one of her most famous songs, “Respect”. This resource will introduce pupils first to the song, which became an anthem for the women’s movement and the civil-rights movement. Then they can discover the biopic. Jennifer Hudson was chosen by Franklin herself before her … Continue reading “Respect: Aretha Franklin Biopic”

Feelgood Music

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 06 April 2020 > Ready to Use

Music has great power to inspire us and lift our mood. Which we could all do with  a bit of at the moment. We were trying to think of work to set pupils at home that was positive and good for the soul: what better than a little soul music?  So here is the first … Continue reading “Feelgood Music”

The Soul of Civil Rights

Posted by Speakeasy News > Monday 17 September 2018 > In the News

Aretha Franklin, dubbed “the Queen of Soul”, was one of the most influential musicians in the U.S. charts. She won 18 Grammy awards but also made a massive contribution to the civil rights movement: her songs would become their anthems. Aretha Franklin grew up in the 1950s in Detroit, where her father was a popular … Continue reading “The Soul of Civil Rights”