Taylor Swift: Reputation

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A new album by one of the most popular singer-songwriters in the world is big news. And the themes of Taylor Swift’s album Reputation is a great opportunity to discuss rumours, bullying and online security with your pupils.

In this A2 article, some of your students will learn about Taylor Swift, while others will probably know a lot about her songs and life already. This difference should help initiate interaction through information gap. We suggest starting by working on easy facts and gradually moving on to more elaborate ideas about rumour and bullying. This could be a good start for a unit devoted to either bullying or the influence of social media on young people.

Vocabulary and structures

  • recycling web vocabulary (active on social media, open an account, delete an account).
  • bullying related vocabulary (eg. Fragile, ridiculous, nasty, insults, bullying, hurt, depressing / depressed).
  • past simple
  • passive

There are biographical articles about Taylor Swift at A1+, A2 and B1 levels in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4. To see the resources, register now or log in, then go to:
Articles de presse > A1+, A2, B1 > Culture et création artistiques > "Taylor Swift".

The video referred to in the article can be viewed on Vevo:

Look What You Made Me Do (Official Video) by Taylor Swift on VEVO.

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