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This B1-level article will introduce your students to the British political system. They will most probably have heard about  Brexit, but will need to understand why the referendum was decided by David Cameron, how British Prime Ministers come to power and what the exit process involves.

We've updated this resource to autumn 2018.

This would be a good addition to an EPI theme with History-Geography. It ties well with the 3ème curriculum in History (Thème 2 Affirmation et mise en oeuvre du projet européen) and Geography (Thème 3 La France et l'UE).

Vocabulary and structures:

  • Words linked with politics: politician, government, policy, minister, ministry, Home Secretary, referendum, opinion poll, (a) vote (for, against, to), bureaucracy…, remain, resign
  • Expressing purpose.
  • Talking / writing about the future
  • Some quantifiers: some (of the), most (of the)

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