Celebrating Shakespeare

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You hardly need an excuse to familiarise your pupils with one of the most important figures in English-speaking culture: William Shakespeare. However, 2016 is the 400th anniversary of his death and there are events and celebrations all over the world. The Bard is everywhere, including classrooms!

You will find below two articles, the first, A2 level focuses on Shakespeare’s life. The second, B1-level article looks in more detail at his work, discussing the three main types of plays he wrote. We have proposed activities for each, but of course it is possible to use both with B1-level classes.

Vocabulary and structures:

  • biography
  • Elizabethan period
  • theatre
  • present simple
  • past simple
  • present perfect
  • passive



More Articles for Class Use
SN_BRN_logoThere are articles about Shakespeare
in the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4 appropriate for A1+, A2 and B1-level pupils. To see the resources, download them or use them online, register now or log in to the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4 then go to:
Articles de presse > A1+, A2, B1 > Culture et création artistique > "Shakespeare: A Very Famous Author"

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