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If you are using our Ready to Use Resource on the Emoji Movie to work on emojis, smileys and emotions, these audio and video activities would make an excellent complement. You can access or download them on the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4.

As an introductory listening activity, you could use an A1+-level audio sketch and interactive activities on emojis.

SN_BRN_logoTo see the resource, download it or use it online, register now or log in to the Banque de ressources anglais cycle 4 then go to:
Audios > A1+ > Langages et modes de vie > Saynète > Smileys
Pupils are encouraged to link sentences said with different emotions to the appropriate emoticons.

To continue with the theme of emotions, you could use the recording of a poem about feelings:
Audios > A2 > Langages et modes de vie > Poème > Rainbow

You will also find a B1-video video with interactive comprehension activities on emojis which can be used in part at A2:
Vidéos > B1 > Langages et modes de vie > Do You Speak Emoji?
Three teenagers talk about their favourite emojis and how they use them.
The first half (2 minutes) of the video could be used with A2-level pupils. The three boys answer the questions, "Do you use emoji?", "Which emoji do you use the most?", and "Which emoji is your favourite?" Pupils could use the same questions as a model to ask and answer their classmates.
The second half is more linguistically difficult, using conditionals with should and would.

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