Indigenous Rap: Young Australian of the Year

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Every year on Australia Day, 26 January, the country honours the Australians of the Year: citizens who have made a major contribution to making other people’s lives better. This year’s Young Australian of the Year is Danzal Baker, alias Baker Boy, a 22-year-old Indigenous Australian who raps in three languages. As well as achieving success in rap, dance and graffiti, Baker mentors Indigenous youth to help them achieve their dreams.

Pupils will learn about Danzal Baker, and the situation of Aboriginal people in Australia through an article and a video. They will explore the topic of indigenous languages – 2019 is the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages, and make a speech to convince some Australian students to learn an indigenous language. You can go further with a poem.

SN_logo_shine_brightThis resource makes a great addition to Shine Bright 2de File 2: “High-school spirit in Australia", Shine Bright 1ère File 12: “Peoples of Oceania" or Speakeasy Files 3e "A Gap Year in the Australian Outback".


Language and structures

  • personal description
  • rap, music, dance and art
  • emotions
  • connecting events in the past
  • expressing hopes for the future
  • giving advice and suggestions


  • Australian culture and history
  • Australian aboriginal culture
  • Indigenous languages


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