Mother of Frankenstein

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2018 marks the two hundredth anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein, a novel which has gone on to occupy a unique place in the collective imagination. In this A2+ article, your pupils will discover Mary Shelley, the teenage author who lived an exceptional life.

These documents about Mary Shelley could be part of a larger sequence dealing with detective stories.

You can find a downloadable "Who Am I?" quiz about Frankenstein's monster below and on our Webpicks page, which can be used as an introduction to this sequence.

Culture, language and structures

  • Mary Shelley
  • Frankenstein
  • expressing the past
  • making hypotheses
  • time markers (ago)
  • passive voice (was published/was written)
  • describing book covers
  • expressing similarities and differences (both, whereas, but)
  • creating a front and a back cover

For more on the story and the science of Frankenstein, see our Webpicks.

Gothic Literature
The Give me five 4e textbook has an EPI project on Gothic literature, which can work in combination with this resource.
Download a sample double-page here.


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