Former President Barack Obama at the White House with Ruby Bridges looking at Norman Rockwell's painting of her , The Problem We All Face.

Ruby Bridges, Civil-Rights Icon

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Ruby Bridges didn’t choose to become a civil-rights icon. It was her parents who, in 1960, chose to accept that their 6-year-old daughter would be the first African-American child to integrate a white school in the American South. But as an adult, Bridges, who was immortalised by Norman Rockwell, has fought indefatigably for civil rights and black children’s right to equal education. Her recent book, This is Your Time, is an open letter to the young generation of Americans.

This sequence, featuring a recent video interview by Trevor Noah with Ruby Bridges, is perfect for Black History Month, a theme on civil rights or on remarkable women.

History and culture :

Civil-rights movement, segregation, Jim Crow Laws, remarkable women

Language and structures :

  • segregation vocabulary
  • picture description
  • opposition: unlike, whereas, while; similarities: both
  • the preterite
  • prohibition in the past tense: were forbidden to, were not allowed to, couldn’t


Notion(s) culturelle(s) : "Rencontres avec d’autres cultures"