Science-Fiction in Nantes

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The Utopiales festival in Nantes is dedicated to science-fiction in all its forms. You can sign up your classes for the special schools day.

The 19th edition of Utopiales will be taking place from 31 October to 5 November (or Halloween to Guy Fawkes!) Since that is mostly in the school holidays, Monday 5 November has been specially designed for school groups.

This year's theme is the body. The festival features book, comic book and film awards. The majority of authors are francophone, but our eye was caught by a discussion session for collège and lycée classes on "The Monster's Body in Science-fiction" which will feature the film Alien and of course Frankenstein. If you are working with any of our resources on Frankenstein, this would be a great addition.

You can get more information about the schools day and download a form to sign up.

31 October-5 November



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