A Santa-Claus-type figure with red hood and jacket and white beard and hair sitting at a school desk.

Short Christmas Film

Posted by Speakeasy News > Friday 01 December 2023 > Webpicks

This three-minute film with no dialogue is a great basis of a discussion about Christmas with your classes. It also fits with the theme of being different, and starts in a boarding school.

The premise is that Santa Claus started out at a school for extraordinary children, where as a child he slowly grew his famous white moustache and beard. Frustrated with teasing from the other children, he runs away and meets Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (cue: working with the song!) The film surmises how Santa started climbing down chimneys, giving presents and travelling on a sleigh. And closes on an image years later where he has left a present for a girl at the same school, with a label saying "It's a gift to be different."

For more on a Christmas theme, check out our Escape Games cycle 3 pack, game 1: "Save Christmas". And the outcast school theme ties perfectly with our A2 resource Wednesday Addams, School for Outcasts .

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