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Sports Stories Winners Collège B1

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We received thousands and thousands of fabulous entries to our sport-themed creative-writing contest. Here are our favourite college texts entered as B1. They are incredibly varied, which is an accurate reflection of all the stories we received. They cover existing sports from two forms of swimming to basketball and rugby. There is one about climbing and two about invented sports. Plus a non-human competitor!

And the winners are, in no particular order:

  • Guillemette and Léa from Mrs Saulmé’s class, Collège Rosa Bonheur, Bray-et-Lû.
  • Simon, Chloée, Maryline, Louis and Nathaël from Miss Rochias’ class, Collège Alexandre Varenne, Olliergues.
  • Angélina and Stéfany from Mme Seelig’s class, Maison d’Education de la Légion d’Honneur, St Germain en Laye.
  • Donovan from Mr Downey’s class, Collège Saint Winoc, Bergues.
  • Titouan and Valentin from Mme André’s class, Collège St-Exupéry, Andrésy.
  • Alexis from Mme Hirbec’s class, Collège Chavagnes, Nantes.
  • Béatrice and Eowyn from Mme Mons’ class, Collège Pierre Weczerka, Chelles
  • Robert from Mme Huszar’s class, EFIB Bern
  • Lucy C from Miss Pham’s class, Lycée Stendhal, Milan
  • Zineb from Mr Belrhazi’s class, Lycée Français International, Agadir

Scroll down to discover their amazing texts!

Guillemette and Léa from Mrs Saulmé’s class, Collège Rosa Bonheur, Bray-et-Lû.

Today is a great day! I’m doing the 2024 Olympics and we represent the artistic swimming. I’m excited! But there’s a problem: I’ll have to endure my enemy, Cloé. She is very intolerable! My mother says to me “you’re not going to marry her” but Cloé is the WORST person I know.

While I was walking to the swimming pool, Cloé catches my arm and says “If you weren’t here, I’m sure we would win”. I say nothing and wait for her to leave. We are taken to the changing room.

Finally, it is the moment! It is finally ours! In my group we are 4: Cloé, 2 other girls, Inès and Anais, and I. We walk towards the swimming pool and hear the audience cheering us. We line up at the water’s edge and, at the jury’s whistle, we all dive into the water together.

The choreography goes well: I remember all my movements and we have not made a single mistake so far. We are getting to the middle of the choreography , I turn to perform a vertical position. I see Cloé hurt the edge of the swimming pool with her head, after making a too sudden gesture. Knocked out, Cloé slowly flows to the bottom of the swimming pool. No one sees her, should I go help her? I have never liked Cloé… but should I let her die? I am really stupid, why do I ask myself this question! I immediately dive to take Cloé back to the surface. I recover Cloé’s body and, once on the surface, realize that everyone is looking at us with eyes wide open. There is a lot of silence. When they hear Cloé breathing loudly, the atmosphere relaxes a little. Several people help me get Cloé out of the water. Very fast, many nurses come take care of her. Unfortunately, the jury announces: “You are eliminated”.

This day, I learnt that sometimes, you have to take care of people who are in eed before yourself, before your dreams, before everything.

Simon, Chloée, Maryline, Louis and Nathaël from Miss Rochias’ class, Collège Alexandre Varenne, Olliergues.


Pigtation is a sport where you can ride a pig, like in horse riding. Many pigs are on a trail.

Sometimes there are pigtation races and you can have fun watching them.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was interested in pigtation. She was 24 years old. She joined a pigtation club and she did a lot of trails and races. But there was a boy who lived not very far from Weymouth... He lived in London. His name was Richard and he was 26 years old. Oh, I forgot something : her name was Ana.

One day, there was a race of pigtation and that day, the boy was watching it (the race was in London). He decided to go and visit the pits where you could change pigs when they were too tired.

But he knocked over Ana and they looked at each other: it was a revelation. They fell in love immediately and both said: “Sorry” at the same time. But destiny decided otherwise : Ana was leading the race at full speed when the pig suddenly, stopped, shot by a sniper, and Ana rolled over 100 meters but died on the 70th meter.

Richard was very sad. He decided to honour Ana and joined the pigtation club she was in.

And he didn't live happily ever after.

Angélina and Stéfany from Mme Seelig’s class, Maison d’Education de la Légion d’Honneur, St Germain en Laye.

A dream come true

When I was 15, I was climbing on a cliff when I fell from it into the sea but there were rocks, so my legs were paralyzed. That was the end of my dream, which was to become a medalist in the Olympic Games.

Now I’m training the USA climbing team. I give them advice, and I warn them against bad falls like the one I had. I really love to watch them, becoming more confident and improving themselves. My previous dream has been taken over by a new one: attending the Olympic game as a coach of the USA climbing team.

Today is a competition to qualify for the Olympic Games and I have strong hopes. Sofia begins climbing the wall ; she’s the best of our team and she’s the one who has the most chances to be qualified. She reaches the top of the wall very fast. She wins !! She is qualified !!!

A few months later in Paris :

I give Sofia the last piece of advice before she starts climbing the wall. I am very stressed, and my hands are wet. I watch her touch the last climbing hold .

She goes back down. She runs to meet and hug me with tears of joy in the eyes saying thank you for all. Then I watch the clock, and a tear rolls down on my cheek. She has broken the world record ! Sophia is first at the Olympic Games, and she allowed me to achieve my dream.

Donovan from Mr Downey’s class, Collège Saint Winoc, Bergues.

Here’s the story of Johnny. Since his birth he was always interested in basketball but there was one small issue: he was considered too small for this sport. When he started primary school, he was always picked last when it came to creating teams. However he didn’t let that stop him. He continued practicing but when he reached the age to join a national team, he wasn’t seen as a good contender.

At this point, he started thinking about giving up and stopped practicing until one day where he saw a documentary about the smallest basketball player who managed to enter the NBA. After watching this, he started gaining confidence in himself and continued practicing every day. One day, a coach saw him while he was practicing. The coach approached him and after hours of discussion, Johnny was finally able to enter university. In university, he proved himself to be a very good player. He played in university for 3 years until he decided to present himself for the NBA draft.

When the day of the draft came, he was picked at the 21st position. He was so happy about it and immediately started practicing with his new team. During the season he eventually played more and more minutes and at the end of the season he won Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, his team didn’t manage to go to the Playoffs Championship. When the second season started he was at his best. He scored and average of 22 points per game and the end of the season not only did he managed to win MVP but his team was also in the Playoffs. In the first round, his team won with 4 wins to 1 for the other team. In the second round the same happened. In the conference finals his team managed to go to the Finals with a total of 4 wins to 3 so that was very close. In the Finals, his team finally managed to win the championship and Johnny won the MVP of the Finals with an average of 30 points per game during the Finals.

From a little boy who was always picked last to a National Champion, the story of Johnny was surely filled with ups and downs.

Titouan and Valentin from Mme André’s class, Collège St-Exupéry, Andrésy.

Never give up

It was the 21st of June, at the Olympics Games of 2020 in London. Mark was about to play a tennis match that could change the rest of his life.

He was on the field. His body was shaking. The referee had whistled the start of the match.

He tried to make a service but he failed. There was a point for the opponent. The rest of the match was really bad and he lost the match with a score of 21 to 2. He thought that he was not made for this sport. Mark didn’t want to give up on his grand-father, Roger Federer, who supported him and helped him gain confidence.

Mark’s family was present to see him and his match. He bowed for the public but he slid on a ball and he fell. His legs were paralyzed.

A few month later, he went back to playing tennis but in a wheelchair. Step by step, he became the strongest and the fastest man of his district. And four years later, he participated in the Paralympics games of 2024 in Paris. The match started. He won the first five points but the rest of the match was terribly bad. The score was 20 to 7 for the opponent. But he wouldn’t let that happen. He made a comeback and WON THE GAME! He had finally fulfilled his dream: to win a match on the olympics games. He said he would never give up again.

Béatrice and Eowyn from Mme Mons’ class, Collège Pierre Weczerka, Chelles

October 26, 2008

-Ella, wake up! I'm going to my handball training, our whole family practise a sport so, you have to find a sport, instead of sleeping all the holidays. Your brother does water polo, and your father volleyball.

-Okay, I promise!

-Thank you, bye!

I don't like sports. What I like is to draw easter eggs, they should be proud of me. After hours of searching on the internet, I find a sport, the Easter climbing!

The goal is to climb a wall and collect as many eggs as possible of the color of his team, each member has 30 seconds to collect them all.

I tell my mother about it, she asks me if it's a joke, she sighs and says, well, sign up. I smile and go back to my room to sign in. I'll go tomorrow morning.

I'm going to bed.

9:30 the alarm clock rings, I get up and get ready. I take the bus, the building is only about twenty minutes from my house, I enter this huge brick building, the person at the reception is extremely kind, he leads me to the climbing gym, I am introduced to my group and my coach Kevin, they put on a harness and give me a blue armband then, they explain the rules to me. My team consists of three boys and two girls, me and Anya we train and the class ends. I loved it I felt like I was dominating the world the smell of magnesia is amazing. Three months have passed, and I am the best of the team, I have my first competition tomorrow.

On the big day, my mother is here. The competition starts and I am the first one. I hang on my harness, I spot an egg, I go up to look for it I'm dizzy, I'm not dizzy, the rope moves a lot, I have a bad feeling I feel myself falling, my body crashes on the ground and I faint. I wake up in the hospital, my mother gets up.

-You’re awake honey, you fell four meters because you hung your harness wrong, you broke a rib and an  ankle. I understand if you don't want to do sports anymore.

-Mom my sport is this one!

-But you could have died!

-I still want to continue.

After my rehabilitation I regained my motor skills. Three months later. I'm back to take my revenge, the next competition is in two months, until then I have to learn everything again. I train every day and show an incredible technique. It's the day of the competition the verdict falls.

-The winning team that qualifies for the championship are…

-The blues!!!

I hope you enjoyed this story, I became an Easter climbing champion and a writer you just read my story.

Robert from Mme Huszar’s class, EFIB Bern

The Surfing Cat

Carl was a professional surfer, and he always wanted a pet to surf with. Carl always saw how many professional surfers had pets, so one day he decided to adopt a dog for surfing. On his way to the dog adoption center, he came across an abandoned kitty on the highway. He decided to take the kitty to the vet to make sure the cat wasn’t infected. As soon as they got home, Carl decided to name the cat Garfield because he loved watching the show. Carl went swimming in his backyard and later he brought his surfboard into the pool. The cat decided to jump on it, Carl started to push the surfboard as if the cat was surfing and Garfield was enjoying it. The next morning Carl decided to take Garfield to the beach to surf. Garfield was very scared of the waves, but the cat still decided to jump on the board. It loved surfing and was very attached to the water. Later Garfield decided to swim a bit with Carl, and they were having fun. Carl decided to record Garfield surfing and the next day the video got famous. As soon as they got to the beach there was a whole crowd looking at Garfield surfing and many took pictures of the cat, and it went all over the news. And now Carl and Garfield go surfing every morning. And had a bunch of fun and they created a strong bond together for surfing. Carl is happy he found the cat on the way and didn’t adopt a dog.

Lucy C from Miss Pham’s class, Lycée Stendhal, Milan

The Poisonous Plot

I found Emma in the workout room. My golden girl was doing some light training before the big day. She was glistening with sweat and I couldn’t help watching her for a while. She was so gorgeous, her hair tied back in a messy ponytail, squeezing her luscious lips together each time she pulled herself up.

“Hi Emma, are you ready for the big day?”

“Of course Coach, you know I am!”

“I’ve got a great feeling about tomorrow.”

“Yeah, Natascha doesn’t stand a chance against me this time!”

“That’s my girl! Keep your eyes on the finish line!” I said, as I planted a kiss on her forehead.

I was so glad that I was her coach, Emma deserved the gold. I couldn’t wait to see her stand on that podium, as the new 100m butterfly Olympic champion.

There was no “What if she didn’t win?” I had ensured that. Arsenic is an untraceable, swift, and lethal poison. I smirked to myself. A little dose in Natascha’s bottle and she wouldn’t be fit to race.

I heard “Take your mark” and the beep sounded. Emma dived in. Less than a minute later, it was all over. She had won! My chest swelled with pride. Next minute, she was standing on the podium, an expression of pure joy and relief on her face. She turned and caught my eye, as our national anthem started playing.

I smiled as she stuck out her black tongue playfully. I froze. My heart raced, as I considered the unthinkable. What have I done?

Alexis from Mme Hirbec’s class, Collège Chavagnes, Nantes.

The London Cup

Tom was a 15-year-old and he lived with his mother in London. His passion for rugby came from his father, a former rugby player, who had died two years earlier. He played the same position as his father, scrum half.

One day at training, their coach came and told them that a rugby competition was being organised. Tom trained hard to win it, reflecting on the moments he spent with his father on the field and promising to give everything to win in his memory.

The competition began with a series of playoff games where Tom and his team showed impressive strength and determination. They were the first of the group stage with four wins in four games. Tom saw himself increasingly close to fulfilling his dream of following in his father's footsteps.

The tension before the final was electric and the stadium was full of fans. Tom's friends were present to encourage and see the game.

In a thrilling game, each player gave the best of himself. Tom was at the heart of the action, cheering his team to win the match. The final was hard, Tom scored one try and at the 79th minute he did a conversion. The referee whistled the end of the match. They won 27 to 13. Tom and his team had triumphed, they were the Champions of the London Cup. He raised the cup to the sky in memory of his father coma because he won the competition when he was younger.

Zineb from Mr Belrhazi’s class, Lycée Français International, Agadir

Let me use my imagination to create a story about sport! Once upon a time, in a world where the rules of sport were different, a young boy named Max discovered a mysterious magical object. When he touched it, he realized that he could give life to all imaginable sports. Excited by this discovery, Max began to create unique and extraordinary sports. He invented the "Flugtag", a sport where participants built paper planes and threw them from a cliff to see who could fly the furthest. The competitions were full of laughter and excitement as the colorful planes flew in the sky. Max didn't stop there. He also invented "Bubble Soccer", where players were wrapped in huge inflatable bubbles and had to score goals while bouncing and overturning. The spectators were laughing when they saw the players roll and bounce on the field. But Max's most amazing invention was the "Gravity Ball". In this sport, players were equipped with special boots that allowed them to jump and run on walls and ceilings. The matches took place in arenas where players could move in all directions, creating spectacular movements and unique strategies. Thanks to his overflowing imagination, Max has created a new dimension of exciting and fun sports. People from all over the world have come together to participate in these unique sports, bringing joy, competition and camaraderie.