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Creative Writing Competition: Sport

Posted by Speakeasy News > Tuesday 20 February 2024 > Pedagogy

It won’t have escaped your notice that this is an Olympic year. To get into the swing of things, we’d like to take sport as the theme of our annual creative-writing competition. We’d like pupils to use their imagination to write a story about sport in any way they want.

They can write about loving sport or hating it. A super popular sport or an obscure one, or one they make up. It can be about winning or losing, participating or supporting. It can be in any style they like: romance, science-fiction, a thriller, a detective story, funny or sad. You may want to impose a theme such as Olympic sport, sports that are typical of or popular in English-speaking countries, or fair play.

To give them some ideas and work on sports vocabulary, you could have them work on these short stories at A2 or B1 levels. We’ve provided reading comprehension and written expression activities.


This competition is open to pupils at A2, B1 and B2 levels. Entries can be individual or group efforts. The texts must be in English and approximately 150 words long for A2 and 250 words for the higher levels.

If you are having a whole class or classes participate, it would be very helpful if you could send the entries collected by class, by post or e-mail.

Each entry should  have the pupil's/pupils' name(s), age(s) and class level, teacher's name and school address. Please note: Pupils' surnames will in no circumstances be used on the site and we will contact teachers whose pupils' work is chosen for publication to ascertain how to identify pupils (or not if they or their families wish them to appear anonymously.)

Entries must reach us by Wednesday 10 April 2024.

Send entries to:
Speakeasy News Sports Story Competition
Nathan Secteur Langues
92 avenue de France
CS 91464
75702 PARIS CEDEX 13

Or by e-mail. (If you send an e-mail, please send .doc, .docx or .pdf documents ONLY. If you are sending for a whole class, it helps us immensely if you send them in a single file, or at least all together.)